7 Dec

Are you and your family planning your next vacation? Hervey Bay in Queensland is a great family vacation. It boasts of plenty of sandy beaches, extracurricular activities and whale watching (just to name a few things to do while you are visiting!) First things first, though, where are you going to stay?

Hervey Bay Family Accommodations

During your stay in Hervey Bay, you have many different accommodation options for you and your family. Since you are traveling with children, you are more than likely looking for places that offer family-friendly accommodations

While you are staying in Hervey Bay, you have options to stay in an apartment, which includes all of your modern conveniences that you enjoy at home. This would be a great option, especially if you wanted to do laundry while on vacation. You might be thinking; who wants to do laundry while on vacation? Well, it makes the unpacking when you return home so much easier. You won’t have 10 loads of laundry to do when you return home.

Another option for an accommodation while in Hervey Bay is a motel. Hervey Bay boasts many motels in the area that you can choose from. Since you are traveling with children, you might want to think about a few things before booking a motel. Do you want to stay in one that has a pool? That is a good way to keep your children entertained during your downtime at the motel. What about Internet? Children these days have their tablets and Smart Phones, so access to decent and free WiFi is important.

A third option for an accommodation while in Hervey Bay is staying at a resort. Most resorts offer things such as a spa room (great time for mom to relax while on vacation!), swimming pool and on-site restaurants. Additionally, many resorts have game rooms, so you will have on-site entertainment for the kids. Most resorts offer cable TV and Internet.

Family Fun Activities

Another important decision to make while staying in Hervey Bay is what you want to do? A swimming pool and game room are fun, but it’s a vacation and there are so many things to do and see in Hervey Bay! Does your family like sports? You’re in luck. Hervey Bay offers a few different lawn bowling places, you can go skydiving, hiking, golf, bike riding, and kayaking. If you want to soak up some sun, you’re in luck there, too! Hervey Bay has many tourist parks and beaches that are family-friendly. The kids can go swimming, build sand castles, collect seashells and take a picnic lunch on the beach. And, of course, Hervey Bay is known for its biggest attractions, whale watching! The prime time to go whale watching is between July and November. Be sure to go on a whale watching tour and you have many options to fit your vacation schedule (take a half day tour, full day cruise, etc.) Most of the time, your tour includes a lunch and then you can go back home and tell people you ate lunch with the whales.

In conclusion, Hervey Bay is a great destination vacation and Oceans Resort offers family friendly Accommodation. Your accommodation options are endless that are child-friendly and you have many activities that you can do on your vacation to make lasting memories for your family.