26 Jul

Corporate gifts Brisbane

Who doesn’t like the idea of getting something for nothing?  Corporations capitalize on this theorem all the time to maximize their marketing potential.  The expense to return potential is monumental.  Let’s face it, we all like the little gift bags we get from businesses with trinkets from lanyards to pens and post-it notes to larger more extravagant items like tickets to sporting events and catered outings.  One will always remember who went above and beyond as compared to a company with just as efficient and possibly cheaper product.  Receiving a gift, be it small or large, creates brand loyalty from employees, consumers and potentially even the competition.  All around the world companies, from the giant moguls to the shop-around-the-corner, utilize the corporate gift strategy.  That customized personal thank you for taking the time to see what that particular business has to offer that is better than everyone else.  Recruitment of employees, retention of staff, reaching out for partnerships and of course, landing new consumers are all ways these gifts are used.  In more recent times, certain companies couldn’t keep up with the larger businesses abilities to allow much larger gifts in hopes of getting the next big deal.  This led to policies being implemented that no longer allowed accepting corporate gifts for services or bribery of any sort.  This allowed the playing field to be narrowed and allowed the players to all “pitch” at their greatest potential.  Let’s take a look at how the corporate gift industry affects one part of the world, namely Brisbane, Australia.

  • Brisbane Demographics

Brisbane is the largest city in and capital of the Australian state Queensland.  Located along the banks of the Brisbane River it is a local government area (LGA) and is the largest in the nation.  The City of Brisbane being its’ largest LGA.  Approx. 3.5 million people reside in this richly historical metropolitan area.  Proximity to the waterway, foundation built on ancient European settlement and the largest presence in the region make this a hotbed for industrial and commercial businesses.  The dense white collar industry extends past the business district to up and coming suburban locations while blue-collar industries, including petroleum refining, paper milling, and metalworking tend to be located on the lower reaches of the Brisbane River and in new industrial zones on the urban fringe. This region has every opportunity for big corporate growth.  At present, the largest skyscraper in Australia is under construction.  Infinite possibilities lie in this southeastern region of Queensland.

  • Corporate Gifting

This business rich city is alive with an array of businesses producing ample supplies of corporate merchandising.  Large marketing firms and housewives with a vinyl cutter are all making a go of it in the world of corporate branding and gifting.  Due to the aforementioned business growth, there is also great competitive edge given to the company that can get the word out.  Purchasing some nice corporate gifts in Brisbane are the easiest way to get your name into the hands of the consumers.  It is much easier to get into someone’s mind if you are also present in their homes, purses, cars, and briefcases.  No item can be considered insignificant if it brings more leads, contacts, customers, investors or employees.  Every item counts.