11 Jul

Gone are the days when you had to wear a shirt with unfamiliar designs, strange and meaningless to you. Advancements in technology have now made it easy to design and create your own shirt from scratch.

Usually, the designs are done online on websites offering the services. The design is then printed on a shirt of your choice. You can then wear your custom shirt and rock your design with pride.

5 Benefits of Creating Your Own Shirt

  • Uniqueness – The first benefit of your custom design is uniqueness. Since you have created the design yourself or the wording is your own, you’re unlikely to see any other person wearing the same design as yours. With the uniqueness comes a sense of pride that you have something others do not have.
  • Material – When creating your own shirt, you choose the material you prefer to use. It could be cotton, fleece, polyester or any other that you like. Choosing the material you want enhances your comfort when you wear the shirt.

Besides picking the best material, you also select a perfect size and colour you prefer for the shirt.

What’s more, you do not have to pay anything for the brand promotion except the initial cost of making the shirt. This is so unlike other forms of advertising.

  • Affordability – It is affordable to create your own shirt. Most websites or companies offering the service allow you to purchase in bulk and save money through discounts and free shipping. Purchasing the t-shirt online also saves you money unlike buying from a physical, brick and mortar store.
  • You Can Get Your Agenda Out There – Sometimes, you want to just have an agenda you believe in to get people. You can easily do that when you create your own shirt. Use wordings and pictures showcasing the agenda you believe in.

How to Create Your Own Shirt

The first step involves picking out a favorite website or company to create your custom shirt. Many websites offer custom t-shirt printing services and you can read online reviews to see the experience of other people. Next, visit the top contenders and get a feel of their site, how it works and what it will cost you.

After you have settled on a website, choose the type of t-shirt you would like. Usually, they are made in different sizes, colors and materials listed. Some are long sleeved while others short sleeved.

Create your design on the designing platform on the website. These platforms provide many different fonts, cliparts, pictures, etc. You can also upload your own pictures. Place the design on the t-shirt to see how it will appear after printing.

If you’re satisfied with your design, proceed to make payment and get the shirt printed. Usually, a high quality digital print is produced on the t-shirt you have chosen. The process ends with shipping of the t-shirt to your location.