4 Aug

Lawn Bowls Online sees tradition combined with technology.

With a tradition going back to the twelfth century C.E, lawn bowl is, certainly, a well-established sport that is mostly played through the Common Wealth of Nations, due to its English roots.

In fact, there is a thirteen-century bowling green that still exists to this days. The Southampton bowling green was established in the reign of Richard I “LionHeart.” for recreational use, but it was used for lawn bowling only in 1299 C.E.

It is a core sport of the popular “Common Wealth Games,” organized every four years.

  • The basics of Lawn Bowling

The sport itself is played on a rectangular, flat, manicured grass surface known as “The Green” or “Bowling Green.” In turn, “The Green” is divided into 6 to 8 rinks measuring, on average, 6 meters wide by 37 meters long.

The game is played on each individual rink by two players. Firstly, the mat is placed 2 meters from “the ditch,” the sand limits of the rink. This mat is where the player is positioned when is going to the roll the bowls.

Afterward, the next step is to roll “The Jack,” a smaller white ball, which is rolled by the player who goes first or the player taking the mat. Once “The Jack” is rolled it is centered in the rink at least two meters from the ditch.

The core objective of the sport is to place the larger amounts of bowls next to “The Jack,” the more closer the bowls are, the more points you get. Furthermore, if your ball goes into the ditch, it is out of play, however, if it goes to the ditch, but touched “the jack” then they both are in play.

However, it is not that easy. There is a catch! The Lawn Bowls have a bias, one that you will have to take in consideration when you are calculating the Bowls trajectory. They, by design, make a curved path making it harder for you to roll the bowl directly into “The Jack.”.

  • The classic meets the online

Nowadays, with the advent of the World-Wide Web, there are a variety of companies who provide lawn bowling products online. From eccentric Lawn Bowls to grips and polishes, and even bowls stickers, all these products are available to you in a secure and reliable website.

You will only need to do a quick google search, and you will find various online shops specialized in delivering quality lawn bowling products at your doorstep. Don’t forget to check reviews and the stores’ social media presence, which will provide you with the necessary knowledge to carefully evaluate your purchase.

After all, investing 600$, or more, on a lawn bowl is not a casual transaction, so it is in your best interest to ensure not only the security of your order but also the quality of the product you are going to buy.

Furthermore, there are multiple stores, each one based in a different country. Likewise, if you manage to find a reliable online shop within your country, it is advised you buy from it, as you will receive your order much quicker and without annoying custom taxes.

So what is stopping you? Buy online and receive your precious lawn bowling equipment without leaving the comfort of your home.

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