13 Jul

Things to Keep in Mind when Buying Medical Transport Chair

People who have mobility issues often require medical transport chair from moving one place to another. It is therefore essential that the chair which you purchase must be sturdy, durable and good value for money. So how do you go about buying a medical transport chair? It’s pretty simple, just keep the following things in mind.

Medical Transport chair on a transparent background

Always choose a wheel chair which is sturdy and durable

Wheels chairs should be sturdy and durable. After all it is being used for many purposes. From simple movements around the house to long hospital visits. Once you purchase a medical transport chair, there should be absolutely no compromise on quality. Think about it as an investment which would eventually pay off in the long run. A wheel chair which is top quality would last for a longer time period.

Choose a medical transport chair which is customisable

Most wheelchair these days are easily customisable. Make sure to look out for the following in any medical transport chair you purchase.

  • Easily adjustable seats to fit every person. For example if someone has a small built, the seat could automatically be adjusted to provide maximum comfort to them and vice versa I case someone is a bit on the heavier side.
  • Recline option. It can be hard having to sit upright all the time on a medical chair. We all know visits to the doctor can take their toll and spending long hours in a wheel chair can get to the best of us. Therefore the reclining feature in a medical transport chair is pretty essential and one which can add some comfort to those long tedious journeys back and forth from the hospital.

Both of these above mentioned features are essential if you want the wheel chair to be comfortable. These features can help reduce the pressure on the body and thus make it less tiresome to sit in a wheelchair.

Other features to look out for when purchasing medical transport chairs

A few other features you should be looking out for before purchasing these chairs include

  • The wheels of the chair must be made from durable rubber and should be easy to maneuver. Wheels with a complete 360 degree rotation are the best choice because they can move easily even on rough surfaces.
  • The wheel chair should also come with back and foot rests to ensure the maximum comfort for the person using them
  • Adjustable armrests which can be used even in the reclining position are added features which can provide maximum comfort.
  • Also ensure that the wheel chair is foldable and light weight. Since the person maneuvering the wheelchair should be kept in mind as well, it’s easy to transport a chair which is light weight. Plus when the chair is not in use it can be folded and put away. It’s easy transporting portable chairs in cars as well.

Looking for the perfect medical transport chair which fits the bill without burning a hole in your pockets? Look no further, make sure you check out the variety available at Australian suppliers.